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Are you an aspiring painter? Maybe a total creative newbie? Acrylic painting can seem daunting, but you don't need to be an expert to create something wonderful! Painting is a fun and accessible hobby for all ages and skill levels, plus with Social Artworking designs even complete beginners can follow along.

We've gathered together some of our favorite easy acrylic painting designs. These designs are all beginner-friendly and perfect for a paint party get-together with friends! Click here to find a Social Artworking teacher near you, or click here to learn how to host your own paint party.

Simple Animal Paintings

Animal designs are a great place to start for beginning painters. Keep the background minimal and make the animal you choose large enough to be the focus of the canvas. 

Sea Turtle Painting

Try adding in props for a whimsical twist

Gorilla with Glasses Painting

Grey Squirrel Painting

Use patterns composed of simple lines to add a bit of playfulness to the background of a painting.

Puppy in a Leaf Pile Painting

Easter Chickens Painting

Flower Paintings for Beginners

Flowers are another great choice for beginning painters. Flower designs can range from simple shapes to very detailed, so painting them is a great way to practice. These flowers are a good place to get started.

Spring Blooms Painting

Plumeria Flower Painting

Modern Bouquet Painting

Easy Silhouette Paintings

Painting in silhouette can help beginners paint more complex looking designs without too many details. These gorgeous and dramatic designs are a joy to paint!

Ballerina Silhouette Painting

Butterfly Silhouette Painting

Try your hand at some landscape paintings by adding in silhouettes to make it more beginner-friendly.

Desert Horse Painting

African Sunset Painting

Let's Get Painting

We hope you enjoyed these painting ideas for beginners and are inspired to go paint some of your own! Social Artworking makes it easy to get started on your next painting adventure. Learn how to have your very own paint party here or find a Social Artworking teacher in your area. All of the designs pictured above are a part of our program.

You can visit our Facebook and Instagram for more party planning inspiration, and be sure to tag us at #socialartworking to show us your work!