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holding-paintings-sa.jpgAre you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion such as a bridal shower, birthday, or just a memorable girls night in? A Social Artworking party can be such a perfect way to throw a get together that is unique, fun and memorable. Don't be scared! Our program makes it so easy. Every design has step by step instructions. You do not need do be an expert painter!

Below are the best tips, tricks and ideas for throwing a fantastic paint party. Make sure you look at what these other party planners have done to get some great tips, you can do it too!


one month4-5 Weeks Before

Pick a Party Theme!

Hosting a memorable party is all about creating a special atmosphere. Choosing a theme allows you to build a party around something fun and create an overall party environment that is memorable. See below for ideas from some of our best party planners!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas
kids-birthday-party-ideas-1kids-birthday-party-ideas-2 kids-birthday-party-ideas-3kids-birthday-party-ideas-4 kids-birthday-party-ideas-5 kids-birthday-party-ideas-6
Girls Night In Ideas
girls-night-ideas-1 girls-night-ideas-2 girls-night-ideas-3
Date Night Ideas
date-night-ideas-1 date-night-ideas-2
Fall Party Ideas
Holiday Party Ideas
holiday-party-ideas-1holiday-party-ideas-2 holiday-party-ideas-3

3-weeks.jpg3-4 weeks Before

Now that you have chosen a party theme, you can select a design that fits your motif. Social Hardworking has hundreds of designs with new ones released every month!

Select a Design

  • Visit the Designs tab on the Social Artworking website and search for the perfect design for your party theme

Get Planning

  • Set a date for the party, Design invitations using your motif and send.
    Pro-Tip: you can download and use the design image that you chose for your party on your invitation to tie your theme together
  • Order supplies: As you receive RSVP's you will know how many guests to expect and plan for ordering supplies. Use the Social Artworking Party Planner to simply enter your number of guests for the design and you want, and it tells you exactly how much paint and supplies you need.
  • Order any themed decorations you want such as plates, napkins, tablecloths, and banners.
    Pro-Tip: Remember paper towels, drop clothes and cups for rinsing brushes.
  • Plan your menu. There are so many ways to plan out themed dishes to fit your party theme. Keep it simple by including make-ahead dishes if possible, and large batches of cocktails or bottles of wine for beverages.

one-week.jpg1 Week Before

  • Create a music playlist, coordinating the music with the theme of the party if possible. Make sure you play it at a comfortable level.
  • Confirm your guest list.
  • Check the weather! If you were planning an outdoor event. Do you need to move to a rain plan location? Designate a place for jackets or big winter shoes if planning a winter party.
  • Check your painting supplies, Make sure you have enough for each person and make sure you are not missing anything you need to order more of!

2-days.jpg2-3 Days Before

  • Create a detailed shopping list for food and drinks.
  • Arrange furniture so that each guest has enough room for his or her easel and supplies.
  • Check your lighting. Make sure guests will be able to see to paint and blend colors properly.
  • Cover floors with drop cloths so you don't have to worry about paint spills.
  • Review the steps for the painting and paint a sample for yourself if you would like to try it before the big day!

24-hours.jpgThe Day before

  • Shop for food and beverages
  • Buy flowers to help decorate.
  • Do as much prep cooking as possible.
  • Do cleaning touch-ups as needed.

one-hour.jpg1 Hour Before

  • Arrange your themed decorations
  • Set up each person's panting station with all the supplies they need
  • Remember to set out cups with water for rinsing brushes. Every 2 people can share!
  • Empty the dishwasher so it's ready to fill quickly and easily with dirty dishes from the party.
  • Lower the thermostat so guests stay comfortable after everyone arrives.
  • Change into your party clothes.
  • Turn on the music.
  • Have a blast!