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Wood has quickly become a popular medium for painting enthusiasts all over. The unique qualities of wooden surfaces make them so fun to paint, and it's nice to break away from canvas painting and try something new. Whether you're looking into starting your first wood painting project or simply need more ideas, we've gathered up some fun wood painting project ideas to help inspire you.

Wood Painting Projects

Wooden surfaces are thicker and have more texture than a standard canvas. This adds extra character to even the simplest designs, like this summer quote art. The wood pallet gives off beach boardwalk vibes that fit so well with this summery design.

Wooden surfaces can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This lets you get creative in new ways! Like this mason jar cut-out painted with a gorgeous firefly design. Doesn't this look like summer fun in a jar? Add a wire hanger to turn this into a door hanger or outdoor decoration.

Since they're thicker and stronger than a standard canvas you can add all kinds of accessories to wood. Play around with adding dimension or texture with other craft materials. This peppermint door hanger is a standard round shape but the tulle makes it look exactly like a wrapped peppermint!

This quote board uses wooden letters and flowers to add a springtime element to a painted sign. Try adding your own personal touches to a wooden painting for something that is completely and uniquely you!

Where to Get Wooden Surfaces

If you want to get started with your own wood paintings Social Artworking now offers wooden surfaces along with our standard canvases! We have a large variety of surfaces available now in our online store.

There are wooden pallets in standard shapes such as circle and square. You can also buy these shapes in solid wood.

If you're looking for fun and unique shapes we have those too! Like these heart, star, and mason jar cut-outs. We can already imagine all kinds of cute painting ideas for Valentine's Day and the 4th of July with these shapes.

Paint this football helmet to represent your favorite team, make a sign for a kid's room, or welcome quests with your own hand-painted welcome sign. There's so many to chose from!

Wood Painting Design Ideas

Social Artworking now offers new designs perfect for our wooden surfaces. We make it easy by giving you everything you need to get started including paint, step-by-step instructions, and more. Why not throw you own painting party to share your hobby with friends? Go over to our party planner page to learn more, or see if there's a Social Artworking teacher in your area. 

Looking For More?

Be sure to read our other posts on the Social Artworking blog for more painting and party planning inspiration. Social Artworking makes it easy to get started on your next painting adventure. Learn how to have your very own paint party here or find a Social Artworking teacher in your area. All of the designs pictured above are a part of our program.

You can visit our Facebook and Instagram for more party planning inspiration, and be sure to tag us at #socialartworking to show us your work!