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This design variation makes a classic design perfect for year-round decor. Not only did the season change for this beautiful barn, but a "Fresh Fruit" sign completes this summer scene!


Note: You must purchase the original "Winter Farm" pattern to complete this design variation.


Name of piece: Winter Farm

Approximate working time: 2 hours

Number of Social Artworking colors needed: 8

Number of Social Artworking brushes needed: 3


Social Artworking Colors Used:

Titanium White

Phthalo Green

Deep Red

Chrome Yellow

Burnt Umber

Chrome Orange

Green Oxide

Phthalo Blue


Social Artworking Brushes Used:

¾” Flat

No. 8 Bright 

No. 12 Bright


Other Social Artworking Supplies Needed:

16” x 20” Social Artworking canvas, water basin, palette, stylus or pen, grey transfer paper




Follow the original instructions. 


Follow the original instructions. Switch Cobalt Blue with Phthalo Blue and use less Titanium White to make the sky bluer. 


Follow the original instructions with these color alternatives. Instead of snow, paint the grass in vertical lines leaving thin lines where the fence will be. Use mix of (2) parts Green Oxide, (1) part Phthalo Green, and (1) part Titanium White. For the shadows, use Phthalo Green. 


Follow the original instructions using equal parts Burnt Umber and Titanium White for the highlight color instead of pure Titanium White. 


Use ¾” Flat Brush and Chrome Orange to paint face of barn. Rinse brush. 

Use No. 12 Bright Brush and Deep Red to paint planks on barn using long vertical strokes. Refer to photo. Without rinsing brush, use Burnt Umber to paint shading on top and bottom of barn using vertical strokes. Refer to photo. Rinse brush. 

Use No. 8 Bright Brush and Burnt Umber to paint barn roof and enhance shading on deciduous tree, fence, and inside barn windows. Refer to photo. Also dry brush texture randomly on barn, using vertical strokes. Refer to photo. Rinse brush. 


Use No. 12 Bright Brush to mix (1) part Phthalo Green and (2) parts Green Oxide. Use mix to paint the trees in the background and branches on the tree in the foreground. Bounce the brush for texture. Refer to photo. Rinse brush. 

Use. No. 12 Bright Brush to mix (2) parts Green Oxide and (1) part Titanium White. Use mix to highlight the trees. Refer to photo. Rinse brush. 


Trace "Fresh Fruit" sign pattern onto fence. 

Using same fence mix from Step Three, fill in the sign using No. 8 Bright Brush. Add details with Burnt Umber. 

Using No. 8 Bright Brush and Titanium White to paint details on barn and "Fresh Fruit" sign. 

Let us know what you think in the comments!