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This design variation gave the springy "Love You Deer-ly" design a holiday transformation making it perfect for seasonal decor or to give to someone special. Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Note: You must purchase the original pattern to complete this design variation.


Name of piece: Love You Deer-ly

Approximate working time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Number of Social Artworking colors needed: 9

Number of Social Artworking brushes needed: 3


Social Artworking Colors Used:

Titanium White

Phthalo Green

Green Oxide

Burnt Sienna

Chrome Orange

Raw Sienna

Raw Umber

Phthalo Blue

Deep Red


Social Artworking Brushes Used:

¾” Flat

No. 2 Round

No. 8 Bright 


Other Social Artworking Supplies Needed:

16” x 20” Social Artworking canvas, water basin, palette, stylus or pen, grey transfer paper




Trace and transfer deer on the canvas. Draw tree trunks and branches to frame the deer.


Use ¾” Flat Brush to mix (4) parts Phthalo Blue, small amount of Titanium White, and (6) brush loads of water to create a wash. Use wash to paint from ground to halfway up canvas. Use wet brush to blend wash toward top of canvas, rewetting brush often, to create subtle gradient. Paint over deer bodies as much as possible. Save brush and wash.

Use same brush to add small amount of Phthalo Blue to remaining wash. Use new wash to paint ground, using a higher concentration of Phthalo Blue around the edge, corners, and on the path.


Use No. 2 Round Brush to mix (1) part Burnt Sienna with (2) parts Raw Umber. Use mix to paint branches, painting additional branches if desired. Rinse brush. 

Use No. 8 Bright Brush to mix (6) parts Titanium White with (1) part Chrome Orange. Use mix to paint inner ears of deer. 


Use No. 8 Bright Brush to mix (6) parts Titanium White with (2) parts Raw Sienna. Use mix to paint deer. Rinse Brush.

Use No. 8 Bright Brush to mix (1) part Green Oxide with (1) part Phthalo Green. Use mix to paint holly leaves. Create 3 sets of big holly leaf clusters on the left, right, and center at the top of the canvas. Use  No. 8 Bright Brush to dab small holly leaves onto the ends of branches. Add berries to big leaves using (4) parts Deep Red and a small amount of Titanium White. Dab small berries on small leaves. 

Use No. 8 Bright Brush and Titanium White to paint area around noses, eyes, throats, stomachs, and fawn's tail. 

Use Titanium White to paint snow on the leaves, tree, and ground. 


Follow the original instructions.


Follow the original instructions.


Follow the original instructions.