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This easy design variation is just in time for fall. Young and experienced painters will love this vibrant new color palette and will enjoy the fun techniques used to create the stars and leaves. 

Note: You must purchase the original  "Lone Mountains" pattern to complete this design variation. 

Name of piece: Lone Mountains

Approximate working time: 1 hour

Number of Social Artworking colors needed: 8

Number of Social Artworking brushes needed: 3


Social Artworking Colors Used:

Titanium White

Phthalo Blue

Deep Red


Deep Yellow

Mars Black

Chrome Orange

Phthalo Green


Social Artworking Brushes Used:

No. 8 Bright

No. 12 Bright

No. 2 Round


Other Social Artworking Supplies Needed:

12” x 12” Social Artworking canvas, water basin, palette, stylus or pen, grey transfer paper




Follow the original instructions.


Use No. 12 Bright Brush to mix (1) part Titanium White, (1) part Phthalo Blue, and (4) parts Violet. Use mix to paint sky. Add additional Titanium White to brush as you work toward trees. (Use No. 2 Round Brush for detail areas). Rinse brushes. Save Mix. 

Use No. 2 Round Brush to mix (1) part Titanium White with (2) parts water to make wash. Load brush and tap over sky to create stars. Rinse brush. 

Use No. 2 Round Brush and Titanium White to paint moon. Rinse brush. 

Mix (1) part saved sky mix with (2) parts water. Load brush and tap over moon for watercolor effect. 


Use No. 8 Bright Brush to mix (1) part Chrome Orange and (3) parts Deep Yellow. Use mix to paint ground and trees. 

Use No. 2 Round Brush with Deep Red and in a bouncing motion add leaf texture to the larger background trees and use Deep Red on the edge of the ground and around the trees. Repeat this process using Chrome Orange on the front trees and foreground. See photo.

Mix (3) parts of Deep Red, Chrome Orange, and Deep Yellow individually with (1) part Titanium White. Repeat bouncing motion and layer all three mixes with dry time in between. Focus darker colors in the back and lighter colors in the front. See photo.


Use No. 2 Round Brush with (2) parts Violet and (1) part Titanium White to paint the tents. Rinse brush.

Use No. 2 Round Brush and Mars Black to paint center of tents. Rinse brush. 

Use No. 2 Round Brush and Titanium White to paint zig-zags on top of tents. Rinse brush. 


Use No. 12 Bright Brush and Phthalo Green to paint ground. Apply only 1 coat allowing the layers of warm colors to show through. 

Let us know what you think of this design variation in the comments below