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Social Artworking designs can be customized in many ways and one of those ways is switching up the skin tones of the designs' subjects. Below we provide examples of skin tone colors with their paint mixing ratios to make customization a breeze. Keep in mind, the colors will vary depending on the screen you view them on. Easily lighten or darken any of the colors by making minor adjustments to the ratios listed below. 

Purchase Social Artworking paints here, choose your favorite design, and start painting! 

 2 parts Burnt Sienna and 1 part Mars Black 
 2 parts Burnt Sienna, 1 part Raw Sienna, and a drop of Titanium White
 2 parts Burnt Sienna, 1 part Titanium White, and a drop of Ultramarine Blue
 1 part Titanium White, 2 parts Burnt Sienna, and 1 part Raw Sienna
 1 part Raw Umber, 1 part Raw Sienna, and 6 parts Titanium White
 4 parts Titanium White, 1 part Bright Red, and 1 part Yellow Oxide
 1 part Burnt Sienna and 3 parts Titanium White
1 part Chrome Orange and 4 parts Titanium White