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The great composition and style of our Sunflower (originally titled "Red Sunflower) makes it one of your all-time favorites! In this warm and rich colorway, it takes on a whole new look. Lovely!

Download the design image and please see our modified instructions to create this design variation. 

4 Social Artworking brushes used:

3/4" Flat
No. 8 Bright
No. 12 Bright
No. 2 Round

4 Social Artworking paints used:

Deep Red (background)
Burnt Umber (background)

Burnt Umber (flower center)

Yellow Oxide (background petals)
Burn Umber (background petals)

Yellow Oxide (foreground petals)
Titanium White (foreground petals)

Burnt Umber  (foreground petals base)
Blend: Yellow Oxide (center ring)
Titanium White (center ting)