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Plein air painting is a phrase borrowed from the French that means open air painting. For this style of painting, an artist replicates what he sees at that time in that environment. The same scene will look very different every time an artist goes to paint depending on lighting, weather, time of year, and more.

Even if you don't consider yourself a fine artist, an outdoor environment can really feed your creativity. Your backyard or local park is also a great location to host a Social Artworking party. There's plenty of room for everyone and you don't have to worry about spilled paints. You can also select the painting design based on where you are or the season. We have a large selection available to fit any type of outdoor party theme.

To feed your party guests, we suggest individual picnic basket lunches. Guests can then use the empty baskets to take home extra supplies as a party favor.

You can set up long tables outside or use standing easels. You could also do a collection of comfy chairs and little tables to accomodate each guest. Just make sure your guests aren't seated in the direct sunlight!

Have you ever hosted a painting party outdoors? We would love to see pictures from any of your Social Artworking parties so make sure you share them with #socialartworking or upload them on our website.