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Switch the "Leaf Pile Pup" background with a cozy buffalo check blanket! This pup knows how to relax with a sweet treat in a comfy spot. Throw a painting party in the comfort of your own home with this adorable design.


Note: You must purchase the original "Leaf Pile Pup" pattern to complete this design variation.


Name of piece: Leaf Pile Pup

Approximate working time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Number of Social Artworking colors needed: 5

Number of Social Artworking brushes needed: 4


Social Artworking Colors Used:

Titanium White

Deep Red

Cobalt Blue

Mars Black



Social Artworking Brushes Used:

¾” Flat

No. 8 Bright

No. 12 Bright

No. 2 Round


Other Social Artworking Supplies Needed:

12” x 12” Social Artworking canvas, water basin, palette, stylus or pen, grey transfer paper




Follow the original instructions, but skip tracing the leaves. 


Use ¾” Flat Brush and Deep Red to paint background. 

Using 1-inch painters tape or a ruler, tape or draw on horizontal stripes spaced 1 inch apart. Mix Deep Red with a touch of Mars Black and paint the open stripes in the background with the mix using a No. 12 Bright Brush. Apply two coats. 

Repeat the last step vertically. Apply two coats. Then, when the stripes overlap, paint that square with Mars Black with No. 8 Bright Brush. 

Transfer the candy cane pattern and paint stripes in Titanium White and Deep Red using a No. 8 Bright Brush. 


Follow the original instructions.



Follow the original instructions, and outline candy cane in Mars Black using No. 2 Round Brush. 

Switch out Deep Red with your favorite color so the blanket reflects your style! Let us know what you think in the comments below.