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Painting parties don't have to be large and intimidating; host a cozy night in with your closest friends featuring this versatile design.  With resident bats, a creepy cemetery, and a house sure to be haunted, the "Hilltop Haunt" Social Artworking design is perfect for your Halloween décor. 

When you order using the Party Planner Tool, all the painting supplies you need are delivered right to your door. Add in some tasty snacks and party favors and you have a gathering everyone is sure to enjoy. Unfortunately, spooky black cats aren't included with your Social Artworking order.

These party-goers were new to Social Artworking, but since each design package comes with a pattern and transfer paper, they were able to easily trace the design onto their canvases to ensure their paintings were successes. 

One of the best things about the "Hilltop Haunt" design is that it is very versatile! Everyone had a different take on this classic design by changing the background colors and adding various sky elements like a moon, clouds, and stars. One painter even switched out the flying bats with flying saucers preparing for an alien abduction. The purple, pink, and blue color palette was inspired by a design variation Jessie at shared last fall - find the adapted instructions here

Silhouette designs are a great option for beginners and provide a lot of creative freedom. You can even use the paint pouring technique to make the background extra special before painting on the silhouette! 

Everyone's painting turned out wonderfully and each reflected their personal style. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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