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One Design into Two

Posted on: January 28th, 2019

Many Social Artworking consultants have been turning one canvas painting into two by splitting up the design elements. Jennie Sutton of The Color Break hosted a painting party in which they split the You Hold the Key design into two. Follow Jennie's Facebook Page for more inspiration! 

Two-Canvas Design Variation:

Original You Hold the Key Design:

Check out these do-it-yourself tips so you can recreate this project at home or at your next party:

  • Visit a Kinko's, Office Depot, or other office supply store to scan, scale, and reprint the pattern elements. This will open up different canvas size opportunities. 
  • Decide which design elements will go on each canvas. 
  • Transfer the selected design elements from the resized pattern onto the respective canvases. 
  • Paint away! 

If you want to challenge yourself or hang two-piece wall art, then this idea is for you. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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