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Paint Poured Design Variations

Posted on: December 04th, 2018

Easily add the hottest new trend in canvas painting to any silhouette Social Artworking design. DecoArt Pouring Medium, which is available in our online store, enables anyone, from the novice crafter to the expert artist, to create unique, abstract works of art. Learn how to use the Pouring Medium here

Combine DecoArt Pouring Medium with Social Artworking Acrylics to increase the flow across the canvas and create mesmerizing celled effects. You can use the Social Artworking Acrylic colors that come with your chosen design or pick your favorite color palette here

Check out some of our examples below for inspiration:

African Sunset 1

Easter Sunrise Silhouette

Camo Buck

Sunset Love

Butterfly Silhouette

With DecoArt Pouring Medium, the possibilities are endless and no two canvas paintings will look the same! 


Doesn't the Paint Pour take hours to dry?? If so, how would you handle this at a party? When can the silhouette be painted? Thx

Mary Hoover

January 3, 2019

Mary - Yes, paint pours can take longer to dry than a normal canvas painting depending on how much paint you use. Our recommendations would be that you can either do a two-part event, or people can take their paint pours home and paint the silhouette there. What ideas do you have with this new party trend?

Social Artworking

January 10, 2019

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