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"Hilltop Haunt" Design Variation

Posted on: October 03rd, 2018

Swap out the oranges and yellows of one of our favorite Halloween designs to a non-traditional – yet equally spooky – purple, pink, and blue color palette.

Today we're bringing you this design variation created by one of the Social Artworking consultants, Jessie Sterling. Follow Jessie and her studio at

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think! 


Note: You must purchase the original pattern to complete this design variation.


Name of piece: Hilltop Haunt

Approximate working time: 2.5 hours

Number of Social Artworking colors needed: 5

Number of Social Artworking brushes needed: 4


Social Artworking Colors Used:                                

Titanium White

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Red


Mars Black


Social Artworking Brushes Used:

¾” Flat

No. 2 Round

No. 8 Bright

No. 12 Bright


Other Social Artworking Supplies Needed:

16” x 20” Social Artworking canvas, water basin, palette, stylus or pen, grey transfer paper.



  • Follow original design instructions.


  • Use 3/4" Flat Brush to add Titanium White to the lower portion of the domed sky, covering up to the pumpkin man (on far right of design). Using the same brush, fill in the windows and doors. Wipe off brush but do not rinse.

  • Use same brush and Phthalo Red to add a layer of color along the top of the Titanium White. Lightly blend the Phthalo Red down into the Titanium White. Continue to use Phthalo Red in the domed sky area all the way up to the top of the second tallest house peak using long horizontal strokes. Refer to photo for placement. Rinse brush.

  • Use same brush and double load with Titanium White and Violet. See photo. Using the double loaded brush, continue upward in the domed sky section. Also, blend down into the Phthalo Red layer of color. Fill in the window areas as well. Continue to use the brush double loaded with Titanium White and Violet all the way up to the middle of the hanging bat using long horizontal strokes. Refer to photo for placement. Wipe off brush but do not rinse.

  • Use same brush and Ultramarine Blue to add another layer of color on top of the Violet. Continue with the Ultramarine Blue until you reach the top of the dome. Lightly blend the Ultramarine Blue down into the Violet layer of color as well. Refer to photo for placement. Rinse brush. Optional: Add some additional brushstrokes of Violet and Titanium White to the Ultramarine Blue area. 



  • Bullet One: Use Titanium White and Phthalo Red instead of the original colors indicated in the instructions. 

  • Omit Bullet Two.



  • Follow original design instructions. Complete horizon line instead of leaving portions temporarily white.


  • Use Titanium White instead of the original colors indicated in the instructions.




  • Use No. 2 Round Brush to mix (1) part Titanium White and (1) part Violet to use for highlighting. Add small lines on the house, tree, path, and bats. Refer to photo for placement. Rinse brush.


What do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know if you'll be creating this classic with a new cool color palette, or if you've been inspired to create one of your own!

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