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Tips for Using Stencils

Posted on: March 07th, 2017

An easy way to customize any Social Artworking canvas design is by adding a stencil to the background as we show you in this "Love Grows Here" design variation or over a large element within the design. In this example, you could have used a stencil to do the trunk of the tree! You don't have to be intimidated by stenciling. Just follow these simple tips to ensure success every time whether you are adding to a background on canvas or even adding some monograms or word art to a design.


Don't overload the stencil brush or foam pouncer. Blot excess paint before applying to prevent the paint from seeping under the edges of the stencil.


To ensure a stenciled word will be straight, use a ruler and a pencil or chalk pencil to lightly draw a line. Follow the stencil guide lines to align the letters or numbers you are stenciling. Position stencil, tape to secure, and proceed to stencil the letters. For curved lines, use a round or oval object as a template to draw your guide lines. Once the paint is dry, erase the marks before sealing with a varnish.


For a non-stencilled look, connect the bridges within the letters and numbers when you are finished stencilling. Take a small paint brush and dip the tip into the same color used for stencilling the rest of the letter. Connect the pieces of the letter.


After stenciling the center section, lightly mark with a pencil or chalk through the alignment guides on the end where the next section will be placed. Remove the stencil from the painted area and allow paint to dry. Match the alignment guides on the opposite end of the stencil to the marks you have just drawn. The painted stencil area should fit seamlessly with the pattern on the stencil. Secure with tape and continue stenciling in this manner until the border or background is complete.


This is beautiful, I so love trees every since I was very very young not sure why. I did climb them a lot. I love drawing and painted any tree my fist full fledged plating blank canvas the works no help just listenIngram doing my own thing and I love it even my Dr couldn'tbelieve I painted it by myself. My heart is set on paint another tree. I may just have to take this one on its a beautiful painting.

Lorrie Cummings

March 16, 2017

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