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Get to Know a Consultant: Fey Martin

Posted on: August 29th, 2013

Fey Martin joined us as a Social Artworking Consultant in April of 2013.  She's a watercolor/gouache artist that paints in the style of photorealism.  She mostly paints commissioned pet portraits, so it's a good thing she love dogs! She currently lives in Portage, Wisconsin with her grouchy little old Tibetan Spaniel and her big goofy German Shepherd mix. 

To see some of Fey's work or for more info on her classes, check out her website at or her Facebook page. 

What made you sign up to be a Consultant?

Some good friends opened a wine bar here in my town, and I thought....hmmm, this place needs some art!

What's your favorite part about the Social Artworking program?

I enjoy the simplicity of it.  I simply pick out a pattern I think my peeps will like, order it and we have a great time!

Fey teaching the Red Sunflower design

Fey teaching the Red Sunflower design

What's your favorite design to teach?

So far my MOST favorite design is the Bowl of Cherries, I love the 50's vintage feel of it.  I think the design that was the most fun to teach was the Whimsical Tree. 

What Artists inspire you and why?

Artists that inspire me the most are the ones that started their craft later in life with no formal training: Mary Delany, Alice Moseley, Minnie Pwerle....

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a Consulant?

Relax, you can do this!


Thank you for this! I'm seriously considering becoming a consultant but part of me is incredibly terrified. Painting though must be my greatest passion... After my darling, and chocolate ;) Reading this short intro on a fellow artsif that knows formal training is NOT essential to this wonderful craft, makes me more at ease. Keep painting!!

Samai Negrin

August 7, 2017

I enjoyed reading about you I'm in the Midwest also. I live in Illinois, have a brother in Wisconsin. I'm a self starter and just signed up. I have done a few parties already... just have trouble pulling them in or to prepay... any good advice


December 14, 2017

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